four types of mosquito screen

The climate of Hong Kong is easy breeding of mosquitoes, any place around people's house covered with roof which can be converted into outdoor living area by using a mosquito screen or a insect screen.

You can put a mosquito screen or insect screen upon the bed, and never doubt such recourse to it. The mosquito screen is made of thick muslin or silk.

There are four types of mosquito screen:

1. Spring Roller mosquito screen

2. vertical slide mosquito screen

3. Horizontal slide mosquito screen

4. twin slides mosquito screen

Our insect srceen is made of the highest quality marterials and the price is much cheaper than most of stores. We provide on-site customized services. Don't be worried about the cleaning things, they are easy for self-intalling, you just need some household tools, the screen are removable and washable as you want. We also offer custom-design style insect screens, customer can choose any color to match their house as they required.

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