According to the current common market Mosquito Screen material can be simply divided into three types:

Yurt-style Mosquito Screen

1, cotton yarn accounts. Advantages: good ventilation, durable, cheap; shortcomings: cleaning is not convenient, too much water, easy to mess wire.

2, silk account. Advantages: soft, small, light texture, easy to carry; shortcomings: easy to fold, permeability generally, the price is high.

3, fiber account. Advantages: There are three-dimensional, soft, breathable, lightweight and durable, easy to wash; shortcomings: no.

In accordance with the appearance of points, Mosquito Screen can be divided into three types:

1, dome, also known as "yurts." Yurts are generally two door, the advantages are: easy installation, shelf stable and cheaper prices. shortcomings are: space, blocking line of sight.

2, Square top with three-door side. Royal Mosquito Screen has four sides relative to the three yurts Mosquito Screen door, in a number of like how it looks on. Pros: beautiful style. shortcomings: not very stable, the price is high.

3, curved edges. Usually suspended from the ceiling. Advantages: gorgeous looks noble, elegant appearance. shortcomings: high prices.

Generally speaking, if you want a wide space you should consider the curved edges and square top four three-door Mosquito Screen.

Mosquito Screen-Features

Mosquito Screen Fabric: imported polyester yarn, small plum, mesh density: 26 holes / square centimeter, 21 holes / square centimeter, fiber fineness: 50D, account distribution firm, smooth, dense, breathableMosquito Screen lightweight, breathable, washable and easy to dry and difficult to Artex, washable and durable.

1) Simple Mosquito Screen: cloth sewn on both sides of holes, can support the bamboo poles through the fabric holes Mosquito Screen, canopy corners were Bangsheng can be fixed, easy to use.

2) with stand Mosquito Screen:

A. Stainless steel bracket: port forwarding firm, hardness, luster bright, does not bend, will not be deformed, balance, and can be extended, in the middle you can hang the fan, do not rust, easy installation, more durable.

B. lightweight carbon fiber frame: solid tough, folding, folding at the interface surface is chrome plated ring, never rust, easy to carry and collection.

3) Mosquito Screen design, single door with the open double doors, bed side, bed end door, double doors off lace.

4) flexible installation can be placed under the bed to determine installation (ie Mosquito Screen Brackets bed side or bed can also be installed in the bed side of the bed spaces on the wall.)

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