How to purchase a roller screen

Four tips for how to Choose a roller screen

1. Be sure to choose the famous brands & manufacturers when purchasing. Since the lower threshold of roller screen industry, some individuals also joined in, they are generally on a few people live by the fake, ready to face the risk of failure, so we should not seek cheap services they enventually cost you even more.

2. The roller screen of the yarn is pulling up and down, you should know the gauze screens are not as stable as a window, and is active, so the gauze is easily to be blown out, that's why you should be sure to get a gauze it can effectivelly prevent the force six to eight wind blowing out. The latest installations are quite alot, you should see if they are issued by national authority test certificate, before purchasing make sure to check carefully whether they are wind-proof.

3. The roller screen yarn box must be secure and reliable performance of the positive power transfer device or removable device. When you shutter screens, yarn box comes with a spring, no matter how good the spring is, the time will be weak it, so that recovery will not get screens (usually installed about six months before reflected), then this device will play to a very large role, it can not only increase convenience and reduce the intensity of the spring, the spring force in an ideal state. Without this device, the user must find manufacturers sent someone to go afterburner split screens, so that will cost more money, and sometimes the screens wrap the yarn is simply can not be repaired.

4. Shutter the roller screens from upper, there are some tips you should know: do not buckle it with magnets or plastic parts, because the magnets will be demagnetized with a long time, and very easy to suck on some sand, it would reduce its efficiency; The plastic easy to aging, not last long, we must use durable metal switchgear.

Recently, a professional investigative agency made a survey from the internet that 1,000 people among the "screen" user, there are 86.7% of them use roller screens, most of them live below the 10th floor this shows the relationship between screens and the floor closely. The other 34.1% of households are still using the old fixed screens. However, this year nearly half of the respondents intend to get a new roller screen window, and another 42.2% of households intend to change in recent years, only one percent of respondents have not considered of making a change to use a roller screen, all these number shows the market potential of getting bigger roller screens, On the other hand we can be told that the screen doesn't not has long life, many families need a regular replacement.

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